Rashmi Pote

hair . makeup . art


Would you like to learn how to apply beautiful, fresh makeup and look fabulous, at every occasion, be it a lunch with friends or a glamorous party? 

 With my Makeup lessons I will teach how to choose colors that will complement your skin tone, make your face light up, look flawless and last all day.

The lesson will start with a look through your current makeup bag – many women have good beauty products which aren’t being used, so before I suggest any new products you might need, I see what you’ve already got and incorporate how to use them within the lesson.  

Next we cover the basics – a nice even, long lasting base with products specifically suggested for your skin type.  The first step is to learn how to apply foundation flawlessly for prefect glowing skin.The main part of the lesson “the look” is down to you and what you would like to learn – whether it is a specific look for a wedding, an evening glam look, or a day to evening transformation look.  

You can also choose to learn natural dewy makeup or go dramatic with smoky eyes for a night out.

My lessons are based on the “half face” technique, where I will demonstrate each stage step by step on one half of your face, and then guide you to apply the make-up to the other half of your face using the techniques that you have just learned. This “learning through doing” approach will give you the confidence that you will be able to repeat what you have learned once our lesson is completed.

I bring my extensive range of products along with me for you to try out different colors and products you may not have used before and of course a list to note down any products you have fallen in love with and want to buy! (click to go back)