Rashmi Pote

hair . makeup . art


Over the years as a make-up artist I have worked with many companies to help boost their customer facing image.

Corporate Identity does not begin and end with the company logo, It is in everything your company does to present itself to the world. Your customers see your staff as representatives of your corporate image, if they look good you look good.

Along with corporate identity, I have also lead team building incentive workshops and seminars and professional skills enhancement training programs.

Services that I provide as follows:

  • Customized corporate grooming programs designed to suit your requirement

  • Hair and make-up for photo shoots, for your company website or brochures
  • Hair and make-up for speakers at conferences and events.
  • Hair and make-up for corporate videos
  • Individual make-up lessons for female members of staff for reward schemes
  • Good grooming seminars for both men and women